SMMHEP is a small and focussed project that recognises the value of supporting mental health staff within Malawi through teaching, training and provision of safe and effective clinical equipment. The need in Malawi is ongoing and great; more skilled mental health staff are needed. Please help SMMHEP to make a sustainable contribution to improving the lives of people with serious mental health problems in Malawi.

To donate

SMMHEP is very grateful for all single and monthly direct debit donations.

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We have now set-up an on-line giving facility that will allow single or monthly regular donations to the project.  We are also delighted to receive donations using the gift aid form. Thank you!

Cheques made payable to 'SMMHEP.' The project can make more money using the government Gift Aid scheme. Link to Gift Aid form.

Please send cheques to;

Scotland-Malawi Mental Health Education Project

c/o Dr Lindsay Mizen

Division of Psychiatry

University of Edinburgh

Kennedy Tower

The Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Morningside Terrace

Edinburgh EH10 5HF

Thank you!