The Malawi Quick Guide to Mental Health app is available to download here for free:AndroidAppleSMMHEP is grateful for the very significant contribution of Dr Donncha Mullin, University of Edinburgh and NHS Psychiatrist, who took the lead in writing and editing the Guide and in coordinating the production of the app.  Many thanks also go to Owen Mwale, Atupele Milanzi and Dr Rob Stewart for their roles in editing and translating sections into Chichewa. Many thanks to our partners in Malawi who were all instrumental in its development - The College of Medicine at Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, St John of God Hospitallier Services, and the Mental Health Users and Carers Association (MeHUCA). This app was developed for free by the Scottish technology firm Tactuum - - their generosity made it possible. 

Malawi Quick Guide to Mental Health app