Dr Felix Kauye, Malawi's Chief Government Psychiatrist, has closely guided SMMHEPs contribution in supporting Malawi's considerable mental health needs. SMMHEP's principal role is to:

  • Support Malawian psychiatry staff in delivering undergraduate medical student teaching and  evaluation
  • Provide teaching and training of all health workers through personnel and resources (IT, books, ECT)

Dr Kauye guides the projects interface with contributions from Dutch and Norwegian projects, and Mental Health nursing training support from the Harrogate-Zomba Link and Voluntary Service Overseas.

Dr Robert Stewart was based in Malawi from 2008 to 2012 where he was senior lecturer and Head of Department of Psychiatry in the College of Medicine. He developed the curriculum for the undergraduate psychiatry teaching, set up the post graduate training programme, initiated the establishment of MEHUCA (Malawi Mental Health Users and Carers Association), organised the first annual Mental Health Conference in Malawi and is editing the Malawi Mental Health Handbook. His post has been taken over by Dr Jen Ahrens. Dr Selena Gleadow Ware is based in Zomba Mental Hospital for the next two years and is running a project to increase the awareness of maternal mental health problems in midwives and community health workers.